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Christ University

Estd Year 1969

Christ University Bangalore is one of the best educational institutions that prepares students for the challenging future, supported by experts in the field.

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The Oxford College of Science

Estd Year 1994

The Oxford College of Science is one of the top B.Sc. colleges in Karnataka that provides best learning atmosphere for the academic growth of its students.

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Mount Carmel College

Estd Year 1948

Mount Carmel College Bangalore aims to provide value based science education to the students within a supportive & community-oriented learning environment.

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The National Degree College

Estd Year 1945

The National Degree College Bangalore provides an excellent learning environment that enables the students to prepare for a bright career or higher studies.

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NMKRV College For Women

Estd Year 1973

NMKRV College for Women is a well-known institute dedicated to women's education, offers value based B.Sc. courses along with co-curricular activities.

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MLA's College for Women

Estd Year 1972

Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women Bangalore is one of the preferred and reputed colleges among young aspirants to pursue B.Sc. Course.

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City College

Estd Year 1999

Bangalore City College provides highly effective learning ambiance to encourage the students in research activities along with academic studies.

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Presidency College

Estd Year 2001

Presidency College Bangalore provides education to empower students to realize their unique potential and develop strategies to achieve their academic goals.

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MES College of Science

Estd Year 1956

MES College of Arts Commerce and Science is one of the best science colleges in Bangalore having qualified faculty to serve the academic needs of the students.

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Jain University

Estd Year 2009

Jain University Bangalore is a deemed university providing quality science education to produce skillful & knowledgeable graduates in the field of Science.

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KLE'S Nijalingappa College

Estd Year 1963

KLE Society's S Nijalingappa College aims to ignite the young minds of students to be compassionate and inspire them to achieve academic excellence..

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Surana College

Estd Year 1995

Surana College Bangalore offers quality based education to students in the field of science and prepare them to face the challenges of a competitive world.

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Dayananda Sagar Institutions

Estd Year 1960

Dayanand Sagar Institutions Bangalore aims to be a centre of excellence in education by producing exceptional graduates who can serve national & global needs.

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St. Joseph's College

Estd Year 1882

St. Joseph's College Bangalore emphasizes on enhancing the overall development of students through quality science education and co-curricular activities.

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Jyoti Nivas College

Estd Year 1966

Jyoti Nivas College aims at keeping its students updated with the latest in Science by providing high quality education and state of the art facilities.

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Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) is one of the most preferred undergraduate courses among the Science students after 12th Std. or PUC. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree course, which enables students to develop their own interests in different or specific science subjects. B.Sc. course prepares students in multidisciplinary field.

The job opportunities available for students who have successfully passed B.Sc. course are numerous. The opportunities are not only great in terms of salary package, but also offer a satisfying job experience. The B.Sc. degree will not only allow students to work, learn and get jobs in the country but also in foreign countries. The students may go for a general Bachelor of Science course or might choose B.Sc. (Honors). As compared to a general B.Sc. course, B.Sc. (Honors) will provide better career opportunities. After the completion of B.Sc. course, students may opt to pursue master's degree in Science (M.Sc.).

Jobs for B.Sc. degree holders are just not restricted to the areas of science and research. They can get jobs with other sectors too. With some training and expertise in a specific field, students can get jobs in a wide range of non-scientific fields too. Apart from the research jobs, students can also work or get jobs in Marketing, Business, Banking, etc. In some B.Sc. Colleges, the students are recruited directly by the well-established organizations at a very good salary package. Some professional B.Sc. courses like Computer Science offer jobs in the IT industry for the B.Sc. graduates. However, the other B.Sc. courses also have vast career options.

B.Sc. Colleges in Bangalore are in great demand among students. The number of applications received by the B.Sc. colleges continues to increase with each passing year. This could be due to the resurgence of interest on science courses. Even in the present circumstances where medical and engineering are demanded, many aspiring students seek B.Sc. College in Bangalore. The major reason behind choosing B.Sc. Courses by the students is that the course helps students to specialize in their favorite subject.

The degree offered at the B.Sc. Colleges in Bangalore can be a general B.Sc degree or B.Sc. (Honors) degree. A general B. Sc course in Bangalore will provide general knowledge on all science subjects, whereas B.Sc. (Hons.) in Bangalore will provide knowledge on a specific subject chosen by the student. The degrees offered at B.Sc. Colleges in Bangalore are globally recognized; and help students gain a better edge over others in today's competitive world.

Most of the B.Sc. Colleges in Bangalore admits students based on their merit in higher secondary school whereas, some of the Bachelor of Science Colleges in Bangalore conduct aptitude test for B.Sc. admission. Students from Karnataka have to appear for KCET exam conducted by the Karnataka Examination Authority in order to be eligible for KCET counselling to secure a merit seat. The job opportunities available for one who have completed B.Sc. from top B.Sc. College are numerous Top companies like Wipro, TCS, and Infosys recruit students with a B.Sc. or B.Sc. (Honors) degree from Bangalore.

Listed here are some of the top B.Sc. Colleges in Bangalore:


When it comes to professional courses after Class 12th Std. in Science stream, one of the most favorite graduation courses among students is Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.). In the past few years, B.Sc. Course has seen an enormous increase in the number of aspirants. The degree course is offered in different science subjects and can be broadly classified into B.Sc. (General) and B.Sc. (Honors) courses, where in a general B. Sc course will provide general knowledge on all subjects of science whereas, Honors in B.Sc. Course will provide specialized knowledge on a specific science subject selected by the student. A B.Sc. (Honors) degree is considered superior to the general B.Sc. degree.

B.Sc. (Honors) is much more specialized as compared to the B.Sc (General) degree, and is considered academically more standard than B.Sc. (General). However, for students who want a balanced and multi-disciplinary approach, it is better to pursue B.Sc. (General) course for under graduation. There is a huge career scope for both the degrees offered at B.Sc. Colleges. After completing the B.Sc. course, graduates will find jobs in teaching, business, marketing, research, etc. However, a graduate with a B.Sc. (Honors) degree will be given the first preference as compared to one with a B.Sc (general) degree.

There are a lot of misconceptions and confusions among aspiring students when it comes to choosing between B.Sc. and other professional courses. Listed below are some of the major advantages of pursuing B.Sc. course over other professional courses like B.Tech and MBBS.

Advantages of B.Sc. Course over B.Tech Course

1. The first advantage is that more scholarships are offered to bright students, who opt for B.Sc. course compared to engineering course.

2. B.Sc. degree holders will be given high preference when it comes Research and Development field compared to engineering graduates. The increase in the demand for Scientists and Researchers has opened up many career opportunities for B.Sc. graduates.

3. Students will complete their B.Sc. course in 3 years whereas; completion of B.Tech course requires 4 years.

Advantages of B.Sc. Course over MBBS Course

1. Securing B.Sc. admission in top B.Sc. Colleges is easy as the course requires students to pass 12th std. with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate, whereas securing MBBS admission in top MBBS Colleges through merit requires students to qualify in National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET), which is a highly competitive All India entrance exam.

2. After completing B.Sc., students can pursue best jobs with excellent salary packages, whereas MBBS graduates need to pursue post graduation course in order to earn a better living.

3. A B.Sc. course fee is very less compared to MBBS course fee.

4. The B.Sc. course completion requires 3 years of students' life whereas, MBBS course completion requires 5 and a half years of students' life.

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