5 Ways to Stay Motivated for NEET UG Exam 2019

One of the most competitive MBBS entrance exams i.e. NEET UG Exam 2019, conducted by NTA for MBBS admission in medical colleges in India, is just a few days away. Every medical aspirant who has applied for NEET 2019 must be busy in his or her final NEET preparation. As the big day is approaching, most of you will be worried about your performance in this MBBS entrance exam and may lose your confidence.

Although you have prepared well, it is very essential to stay motivated and energized during these days so that you are confident enough to reproduce all that you have prepared for NEET UG Exam 2019 on the day of examination. Here are few best tricks to help you stay motivated for the NEET exam.

Prepare a “To Do List”

aDuring this revision phase of NEET UG Exam 2019, it is a great idea to create a “To Do List”. But remember one thing that while preparing a “To Do List” it is necessary to place the most important topic at the top of the list and the least important topic at the bottom. With the help of this list, you can be aware of what is left behind and what your next target is. It helps you calm down your anxiety and keeps you motivated.

Reward Yourself

bThe best way of self-motivation is to reward yourself when you achieve something. Set some short-term goals and whenever you accomplish them, give yourself a reward. Having a small break, visiting your friend, spending little time with a non-study book, engaging in your hobby, etc. are some of the best rewards you can give yourself to stay motivated and achieve the outcome you want.


Positive Thinking


Self-confidence and good attitude are the power of positive thinking. These can do wonders for your motivation during NEET exam. To keep up positive thinking, you can always read success stories of NEET toppers, motivational quotes, write down your strengths to look at them whenever you need a positive boost.


Keep Away Negative Thoughts

cTo keep up positive thinking, it is very essential that you keep yourself away from negative thoughts. It is a natural thing, which comes when you feel more stressed. So do not let negative thoughts affect your concentration and lower your confidence of performing well in NEET UG Exam 2019. Balance your everyday activity by spending enough time on study as well as stress relieving activities.


Stop Worrying about Result

Don't Worry!!!There is no point in worrying about NEET result now when you have not still given the NEET 2019 exam. The only concern now should be your preparation for the NEET UG 2019. Try to focus on your NEET preparation and stop worrying about the outcome. Whatever the NEET result may be, be proud of yourself because you prepared your best for it.

If you aim to secure MBBS admission in one of the best medical colleges in India then just having that desire is not enough. You need to motivate yourself towards achieving that goal. A positive and motivated aspirant will always perform better in NEET UG Exam 2019 than a nervous and feared student. So do not let fear come in your way of success. Follow the above tricks and stay motivated during the final days of NEET 2019.

All the Best!!!

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