What are the Advantages of MBBS Study in Philippines compare to Bangladesh & Nepal

MBBS is one of the most coveted degrees in the world as it provides people an unbelievable opportunity to serve the people in the society by curing and saving their lives. This is one of the basic reasons why becoming a Doctor is often perceived as one of the noblest professions in the world. This fact serves as encouragement for millions of students in India who wish to pursue MBBS course for themselves in India and abroad. There are many countries which have come out as destination of choice for aspirants seeking MBBS admission and among them MBBS Study in Philippines is one of the most preferred one. Philippines has some many advantages over Nepal and Bangladesh and many other countries. These advantages have made Philippines as most sought after country for MBBS aspirants.

Lists of Advantages MBBS Study in Philippines:

1.Philippines was following policies and practices of Spain and later US for many years. US colonial rule made sure that American education system made its inroads in the country.

2. Today more than 40 medical colleges are housed in Philippines and it home to many international students, of which more than 50% are Indian students.

3.The structure of MBBS curriculum in Philippines is similar to US and the degree which is being offered is MD which is equivalent to MBBS in India. This MD degree is recognized by MCI also.

4.However, yes after completion of this degree, Indian students would be required to pass the MCI screening Test i.e. Foreign Medical Graduate Exam (FMGE) to practice in India or to appear for PG medical entrance exam.

5.Cost is another important factor, which comes into picture while pursuing medical education abroad. On the whole, degree comes home at a paltry amount of Rs. 25,00,000 which is almost 1/5th of the cost of pursuing the same in India in private medical colleges or deemed universities.

Study in Philippines

Lists of Difference between  MBBS study in Philippines compare to Bangladesh & Nepal

Elements Philippines Bangladesh & Nepal
English Advantage Philippine is an English speaking country. Just as India was a colony of UK and Indians are educated in English; Philippines-was a US colony. English is second official language in Philippines. English is not local language for both countries Hindi; Nepali & Bengali are major languages. But curriculum are instructed by English only.
US & International Job Advantage Philippines are the largest supplier of trained nurses & Doctors to USA & several other countries. Strong culture of giving USMLE & going to the US for job. Universities are listed in California Board of Medicine for licensing. Students can pursue further studies over respective countries and colleges as well. Even they can come back India for higher studies through FMCG exams.
Superior Quality Education Teachers are all fluent in English. Some Teachers are US educated and can offer guidance and advise on overseas careers. Most teachers are from India & respective countries only.
Tropical Country Philippines a tropical country. Diseases common to India are found in Philippines Ease of Living as similar temperature to India Both countries have similar decease pattern as like India
Many Patients During hospital work medical students get exposure to many patients in Philippines. Colleges and Hospitals are limited in these countries.
Low Fees Apart from BS admission actual MBBS/MD course is just 4 years and unusually it will cost less. Course duration is 5.5 years both countries so cost is little higher side than Philippines but not more than private or deemed medical colleges

The Philippines has total 7500 islands, caves, rocks, numerous beaches and much more that gives wonderful surrounding to study MBBS in Philippines. A calming and very clean ambiance is the strong point of the Philippines, which draw attention of the student to not only study MBBS Study in Philippines, but also, experience and familiarize with the place and the culture of the Philippines.

If we compare our Indian currency to the Philippines currency, you won’t find any vast difference Like 1.41 Indian Rupee = 1 Philippine Pesos. The almost same currency rate offers low cost residential and food facilities, in contrast to other countries. If money is concerned for Indian student, then they no need to worry as they can get everything within the budget in the Philippines.

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