Is it a good idea to get an MBBS in Philippines for Indian students?

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students are always good options among Indian Medical students no matter who says what. We will be explaining many factors how to choose good university to get advantages of MBBS courses. Philippines offer globally recognized degree following US System of Education. Universities are approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and Medical Council of India (MCI) and offer modern teaching methods with first-rate facilities with affordable overseas degrees and tuition fees.

Studying medicine abroad is a fascinating idea, studying MBBS in Philippines for Indian students can shape your future in a progressive way. Philippines medical universities and colleges are known for its quality education and every year these universities have been sending thousands of qualified doctors to work in USA, UK, Canada and other foreign countries.

MBBS in Philippines for Indian students

Medical Education in Philippines:

• The entire duration of MBBS course is 5 and half years for students who have completed class 12 with a background in science.

• The first 16 months will have a complete focus on building the foundation for a strong medical education and is called the Bachelor of Science program.

• From 2nd year onwards the focus will be on core training in medicine and clinical rotation.

• Towards the end of the program, students will also undergo clinical rotations.

• Most of the medical universities in Philippines have their own hospitals within their campus in to which the students will be attached and treat patients under the guidance and supervision of an experienced and presently practicing doctor.

Difference between MBBS India & MD Philippines

Well it is difference in name. Both are Graduate degree in Medicine. Different name and abbreviations are used in different countries. Both graduate degrees are awarded for physician and doctor.

In USA it is called MD, as Philippines follows American Education System, they also called MD.

In India MBBS (Medicine Baccalaureus and Bachelor of Surgery) is done after 10+2 where in Philippines it is done after BS (Bachelor of Science) as Philippines follows 10+4 System.

But for 10+2 students (like in India) one has to do BS program from Philippines before doing 4 Years MD. BS is generally is having 10 Months to 18 Months Duration, depending on University to University.

Is it Good Idea do MBBS in Philippines for Indian students:

Yes! If you are a good student who is willing to put in the effort it takes to become a doctor, then you should go for MBBS outside of India. Generally, students who miss securing seats in exams like NEET and are not willing to pay the large amount of capitation fees prefer to go abroad. For Philippine (MBBS in Philippines for Indian students), where is fees is as low as 15 Lakh (5 years), we will suggest only the good students to go there as studies are of a high level, students who are not academically bright might struggle to cope up.

Here is the following reason why it is good idea to do MBBS from Abroad:

1. Students in Numbers

The number of international students in the Philippines is increasing rapidly. According to Bureau of Immigration statistics, foreigners studying in the country are only 7700 in 2011 that has potential grown to 61,000 in the year 2014. With Korean students in the top place, Indian students stood in the 6th place in the overall student population. Other student populations such as students from Indonesia, Nepal, Thai land, Kenya, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sudan, Canada and others cover up to 24.52%

2. Limitation on Students Admission:

According to sources, there is no cap on the admissions for a few universities. “While in a deemed university, there are some 300 seats for MD course, for bachelors course, one university is appointing nearly 10 agents by offering them a 30 per cent commission. So agents are sending more than the prescribed number of students and the university officials make the students ineligible for the course by failing them in a subject during the bachelor’s programme.

3. Advisory for Students:

With increasing malpractices by the agents in India, a few universities like Davao and University of Perpetual are under the scanner of the Commission of Higher Education Department (CHED), Philippines. The Indian Embassy in Philippines also issued an advisory to the students who are seeking admissions in the country. The advisory states that the students should take admission only in a medical college that is approved by the CHED.

4. Direct Payments to College:

The advisory strongly recommends students not to take admission in any institution which is not in the list given by the embassy. It also advises students to remit their admission and tuition fee, hostel and boarding dues directly to the bank account of the university and not to the agents. Several agents take money and promise them that they will deposit the cash in the varsity’s account but many agents fail to do so. And, students face the heat in their colleges. Then it is a tedious task for parents who are forced to run around the agents till their money is deposited in the account.

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