How is NEET 2019 entrance exam percentile calculated?

NEET 2019 entrance exam i.e. National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test 2019 is a MBBS entrance exam of national level organized by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The NEET 2019 pattern comprises of Physics, Chemistry and Biology as the main subjects. There are a total of 180 objective type questions out of which 90 questions are from Biology and 45 questions each from Physics and Chemistry. NEET 2019 entrance exam is conducted for selecting appropriate students for MBBS admission in medical colleges in India.

As discussed in the previous article on NEET Qualifying Criteria, medical aspirants have to obtain required percentile to be eligible for MBBS admission in India. For NEET 2019 entrance exam, percentile is very different from percentage. The definition of each is given below:

Percentile: Percentile is an indication of the number of people you are ahead of.

Percentage: Percentage refers to the absolute marks that you have scored.

The official NTA NEET 2019 Bulletin mentions that the NEET 2019 percentile shall be calculated on the basis of highest marks scored in the All India Common Merit List in NEET 2019 entrance exam.

How NEET 2019 Percentile is Calculated?

The formula to calculate Percentile is explained here under:

Basis of Marks:

Formula: Individual Score X 100/Marks obtained by top scorer

If A has scored 315 in NEET and 398 is the highest score obtained by topper of NEET, then the percentile of A will be calculated as follows:

NEET Percentile: 315 x 100/398 = 79.14

Basis of Rank:

Formula: Total appearing candidates – Rank secured/Total appearing candidates X 100

If you had scored Rank 50 in NEET and appeared students are 6, 00,000,

Then NEET percentile will be: [(600000-50)/600000] X 100 = 99.99

NEET 2019 Entrance Exam – Equal Marking Evaluator

The All India Ranking of a student can be affected if two or more medical aspirants get equal marks.

If a case arises where two or more medical aspirants score same marks then their order of merit will be determined by taking into account the following factors:

Biology Score – The NEET scores obtained by medical applicants in the Biology section of NEET 2019 entrance exam will be compared. The one with higher marks will be given preference while determining the order of merit.

Chemistry Score – If a tie persists then the scores achieved by concerned applicants in the Chemistry section will be taken into consideration. An applicant with higher marks in Chemistry is the one who will get preference.

Incorrect Answers – Despite considering marks of the above-mentioned two subjects, if a tie persists, the number of incorrect answers in NEET 2019 of concerned candidates will be taken into account. The candidate with lesser number of incorrect responses is the one who will be preferred.

Age – If a tie persists despite all the factors mentioned above then the medical aspirant who is senior in age will be preferred over the other.


NEET 2019 entrance exam


NEET cut off 2019:

Applicants who are preparing to appear in NEET 2019 entrance exam must know that it is compulsory for them to score more than or equal to the NEET qualifying cut-off percentile to stand eligible to get MBBS admission in medical colleges in India. The National Testing Agency (NTA) will publish NEET 2019 cut off in the form of percentile. Based on the NEET 2019 percentile that an aspirant has obtained, he/she will be offered a position in the merit list. The NEET cut off percentile is established after careful consideration of many important factors such as preparation level of the examination, difficulty level of NEET exam and to maintain the overall fairness of NEET 2019.

NEET Cut-off 2019 – Alteration in Minimum Qualifying Percentile

In certain cases it happens that less number of medical aspirants appear in NEET 2019 than expected or adequate number of medical aspirants do not secure the minimum qualifying cut-off percentile as against the number of available MBBS seats. In such a situation, NTA will discuss the matter with the MCI and lessen the minimum NEET cut-off for granting MBBS admission to selected applicants to 60,000 MBBS seats in India.

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