Hurdles Students Might Face Before NEET 2019 Exam

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET 2019 Exam) is one of the major competitive MBBS entrance exams in India conducted to assess the competency of candidates for MBBS admission. With around 15.19 lakhs medical aspirants registered for NEET 2019 exam, there is a tough competition for securing MBBS seat. Students should have prepared really well to excel in the exam.

Although NEET 2019 exam has its own advantages, it also brings some hurdles for the students. We have listed some major hurdles that students might face before NEET 2019 exam and solutions to overcome those hurdles.


NEET 2019 Exam


Mental Stress

NEET exam time can be super stressful for most of the medical aspirants. Having mental stress blocks the way you think and can lead you to performing low on NEET 2019 exam day. The reasons for having mental stress could be the fear of performing low or fear of failure or fear of losing on a medical seat or it can be peer pressure or lack of preparation.

Solution: As you are in the stressful days of your NEET 2019 preparation, it is essential for you to follow these instructions to avoid stress. Firstly, avoid negative thoughts or anything that is demotivating you and dominating your mind. Secondly, give yourself mini rewards whenever you achieve your study goals. Thirdly, do not attempt to study any new concept as it could only add to your stress level. Finally, get a good night’s sleep to give your brain some time to recharge and remember what you have learnt.


Study distractions are common. Distracted study can lead you to poor understanding of the concept, which could result in poor performance in NEET 2019 exam. In this digital world, distractions come in different ways. Today, social media networks are the major distractions for students. Different social medial channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, etc. are eating up most of the valuable time of the students.

Solution: The best way to avoid social media distraction is to not run from these distractions instead schedule them. It is very difficult to get rid of such distractions. The more you try to run from them, the more you are pulled towards them. Scheduling distractions will help you indulge in them but to a limited extent. This will ensure that your study time is not hampered.

Low on Confidence

As NEET 2019 exam day is approaching, most of the medical aspirants are found low on confidence. The short-term memory loss, the constant feeling of not remembering things, worrying on the unprepared topics, getting panic attacks, etc. are some of the major reasons for lacking confidence in students.

Solution: The best way to regain your confidence is to get grip on yourselves. There is always a fear of getting unprepared topics in the exam. But, you should notice that what you have not learnt or understood are strongly affecting what you have learnt. It is coming in the way of your performance by hindering your state of mind. Things that are pulling down your confidence cannot destroy your hard work. Therefore, it is very important to control your state of mind and get a grip on yourselves. Staying positive is very essential to perform your best on the NEET 2019 exam day.

Consider NEET 2019 exam as an opportunity to achieve your goal. Do not let such hurdles stop you from achieving success. Stay motivated during these downswings and you can definitely get over all the hurdles. All the Best!

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