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Post-independence, India witnessed a brilliant initiative of building a premiere world-class MBA college called IIM Ahmedabad. Renowned space scientist, Dr. Sarabhai and eminent philanthropist Shri Kasturbhai Lalbhai, along with the then Chief Minister and a few other influential minds, joined hands together to start this high class MBA college in India, in 1961.

IIM Ahmedabad

IIM A is managed by a society created under the Societies Act. This institute is solely run by a board of directors, without any intervention of any one constituency. This is an exclusive feature of this institution which has been a benchmark of operational efficiency for decades together. The board of directors is represented from different constituencies and are free to take decisions in the favour of the institute.

Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad is ranked as the top business school in India. It has also been ranked highly in various international rankings. IIM A is the first and the only institute to have received EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System) award, which is given by EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development).The institute has been ranked 31st in the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking 2018.


IIM Ahmedabad


IIM A has produced many world class management leaders till date. It promotes high-quality research, provides top-class impactful teaching, and helps overall growth and development in a variety of disciplines. IIM A also influences the policies and practices followed throughout the world, by staying bonded with alumni, governmental and non-governmental enterprises, business leaders, etc.

The various programmes offered by IIM A are:

Fellow programme in Management (FPM): It is a doctoral programme in management, which equips the students for both academic and corporate worlds.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGP): It is the most prestigious management programme which is well-recognized across the world. The admission to this program is through CAT entrance. Only The few highest CAT scorers get an opportunity to study at IIM A.

Post Graduate Diploma Programme in Food and Agri business management (PGP- FAPM): This programme by IIM A ranks 1st in India.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management for executives (PGPx): This is a full time one year residential executive mba course for executives to develop their skills and excel in their careers.

ePost Graduate Programme (ePGP): This MBA program is for experienced professionals with at least three years of work experience.

Armed Forces Program (AFP): It is a full-time 6 month course for armed forces officers to impart high class management skills.

Faculty development program (FDP): This program is for faculties who have post-graduate level of teaching experience.

Here, are some interesting facts about IIM Ahmedabad:

• Life at IIM Ahmedabad puts you through highly pressurised work routine which teaches the student to perform under high performance pressure.

• You get exposed to the best business school environment supported by the best infrastructural facilities.

• You get the best of the jobs coming your way at IIM A. The world’s best known brands like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Mckinsey, etc. recruit from top management college like IIM A.

• The average pay package offered to IIM A graduates is way too more than the rest of the B-schools.

• There are many international events organised at IIM A, by the students. This imparts an excellent learning, organising and managerial skills to the students.

• IIM A has plenty of extra-curricular activities under various different clubs, events and committees. The student sare engrossed in playing all kinds of outdoor and indoor sports. There are also various clubs like social club, career club, creativity club, drama club, etc. to take care of the varied interests of the students. Chaos, the cultural fest of IIM A and TRBS, the management fest, involves 200 students to make it a success.

• The campus has brilliant state-of-art infrastructure. The new campus has spectacular beauty, a lot of greenery and is very well-planned. The students have access to 24×7 library and cafeteria. The work pressure on students is tremendous, which usually keep them awake till late nights. So, the students get to carry wonderful memories with them of campus life at IIM Ahmedabad.

• There are plenty of sessions and seminars that are conducted in 2 years at IIM Ahmedabad. These sessions are conducted by world’s top class leaders such as Mr. Cyrus Mistry, Prof. Raghuram Rajan, Mr. Harsha Bhogle, Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Justin Trudeau, etc. You get tremendous exposure from such valuable interactive sessions. A total of around 300 sessions is conducted in a span of two years of time.

• There are plenty of inter-school competitions organised at IIM Ahmedabad. These competitions not just hone the competitive skills of the students, but also develop their intellect and time management skills.

• IIM Ahmedabad, prepare the students in such a way that they can enjoy living with their hectic work schedules.

• The students develop a pro-active attitude and are actively involved in various productive activities.

• Studying management studies at IIM Ahmedabad changes a student’s personality totally. The exposure given makes students value time better, value skills better, manage work and life better, and actively involve themselves in some or the other hobbies.

• IIM A has a top-notch brand value of being the best business school in India ,that brings a lot of respect for all its students.

These were a few reasons for which MBA career aspirants are crazy about studying mba programs in IIM Ahmedabad. IIM A is a rage amongst the career aspirants all over India. The students of IIM take a lot of pride in saying that they are studying in IIM A.

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