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Indian Institute of Management is the leading MBA colleges in India.This MBA college is of national importance under the IIM Act of 2017. IIM Bangalore is a popular institute which is globally renowned and provides academic excellence in innovation, management and entrepreneurship. IIM B was the third top most management institute established after IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta. The first honourable Prime Minister of India, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, inaugurated it in the year 1973.


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Students from all over India, look forwards to seeking admission in Indian Institute of Management Bangalore for various management programs. The institute has maintain a vast knowledge pool by hiring many high calibre faculties. A total of 111 faculties are associated with IIM B and there are more than 1200 students who have opted for management programs in various disciplines.The faculties at IIM Bangalore are highly research oriented and their researches are published in the leading academic journals.

iim bangalore

There are nearly 5000 annual executive education participants that enrol each year. IIM B enjoys a great advantage of being located in the technical capital of India. The students of this institute are offered the best opportunities with leading corporate houses in the country. The students get a good exposure of working with information technology firms and consumer good companies. At IIM Bangalore students get plenty of opportunities to attend classroom sessions integrated with practical industry exposure.

The degree or diploma programs at IIM B are well recognized all over the globe. When you travel abroad, IIM’s are probably the only institute people have heard there. The institute has established various centres of excellence which focus on the specific needs of varied specialized industries. The various centers of excellence at IIM B rangefrom Public Policy and Corporate Governance to Financial Markets, Insurance and Risk Management.

Management courses offered by IIM B

The management courses offered by IIM B are well-acknowledged by the industry interfacia. Here, is the list of commonly asked programs that are offered by IIM B:

Executive post graduate programme in management (EPGP): The duration of this executive program is one year and a minimum of 5 years of work experience is needed after graduation to enrol for this program.

Fellow programme in management (FPM): The duration of this program is 5 years and it is a full-time doctoral programme.

Post graduate programme in management (PGP): The duration of this MBA program is two years and it is designed to produce world class business leaders.

Post graduate programme in public policy and management (PGPPM): The duration of this course is one year and a minimum of 4 years of experience is needed after graduation to enrol for this program. The program is catalysed by UNDP (United Nations Development Plan) and the Government of India to develop potential that can deliver path breaking insights to the existing problem of nation and its society.

NSR Pre – doc: It is a full time one year course aimed at increasing the social diversity of management in India.

Here, are a few important facts about IIM Bangalore:

• The institute aims at fostering the managerial skills of the future managers in public sector organisations. The institute has full-fledged support of Government of Karnataka and it was given 100 acres of land to build up the institute.

• IIM B is indeed the very first institute to have started the Executive General Management Programme in Aerospace and Aviation Management. This programme is known as the Post Graduate Programme in Aerospace and Aviation Management and was started in 2014, in collaboration with Toulouse Business School.

• The institute is blessed with world-class academic faculties. Academicians like Professor Aswath Damodaran, Prof. Raghavendra Rau, eminent author Karan Bajaj, Dr. K. Radhakrishnan – the former Chairman of ISRO, and business executives like Sameer Suneja and Ravi Subramaniam, to name a few.

• The institute has marvellous state-of-art infrastructure and is spectacular to look at. IIM B is shown in the movie the three idiots which is directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

• There is a lot of greenery in the institute to promote nature and its benefits. The institute also hosts professional birders every year to encourage birding. There is a large variety of birds found in the campus.

• The mania for getting into IIM B is such that aspirants don’t mind to write CAT for at least 4 to 8 times. IIM B is one of the most spectacular campuses amongst all other IIMS. The corridors, hostel rooms, classrooms and the library shown in the movie is a part of IIM B campus.

• IIM B offers a great hostel life. The late night assignments, extra-curricular activities, reading sessions in the library, socializing with friends, doing team tasks and assignments together, are some of the memories that students cherish for the entire life.

• The on-campus food is extremely hygienic, delicious and reasonable.

• It has a huge well-equipped library with a wide collection of 2.20 lakh documents, 72 e-resources, 254 e-books from Elsevier Science and Cambridge University press. There are 720 journals, 1200 print journals, and 27 newspapers. Other than this, there are 35000 text journals available in the databases subscribed by the library. The library has also subscribed to 200 newsletters, 2200 annual reports from public and private organisations. The IIM B library 55,000 square feet of carpet area and is spread across 4 floors with more than 300 seating capacity.

• The hostel provides single room accommodation to all the students.

• There is a 24 hour wi-fi facility and the computer center is 24 hours enabled. There is 24 hours availability of printer facility, high speed internet, highly resourceful intranet, and internal messenger.

• IIM B has a well-developed sporting infrastructure and includes facilities like tsepak, soccer, cricket, volley ball, basket-ball, tennis, throw ball, badminton, indoor games, etc.

• There is ample room to nurture creativity as well. There is bass, amps, electric guitar, acoustics, Tama drum-kit to satiate creative minds.

• IIM B has a great alumni association which exposes the current students to form a part of existing corporate network.

These were some of the interesting facts that make the entire journey of studying at IIM Bangalore a memorable one. The students of IIM Bangalore are really proud of their achievements and they proudly wear the flag of IIM brand. IIM Bangalore is the best MBA college in India.

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