Last Few Days Preparation Hacks for NEET UG 2019

With only one week left for one of the biggest entrance exams for MBBS 2019 i.e. NEET UG 2019, it is time to magnify the efforts put until now for better NEET 2019 score. The last few days are very crucial for NEET preparation as medical aspirants not only deal with revision and mock tests but also deal with entrance exam stress during these days.

The last few days are not meant to learn anything new. However, these days, if utilized in the right direction, can be helpful in giving you strength over what you have learned.

We bring some important NEET UG 2019 last few days preparation hacks for this year’s medical aspirants, which will help them wrap up their NEET preparation in a systematic manner and stay positive on the big day.

Preparation Hacks for NEET UG 2019

Practice, Revision and Health should be the priorities in the last few days of NEET UG 2019 preparation.



Practice is the key for successful NEET UG 2019 preparation. Practicing mock tests and previous years’ question papers can give you a better understanding of what you can expect in NEET 2019. Analyzing your performance from mock tests will help you re-work on your weak areas and get your doubts cleared. It is advised for the medical aspirants to solve one full length of mock test within the span of 3 hours. This will train aspirants to stay refreshed during the NEET UG 2019 exam time while helping them practice at the same time. Practicing mock tests or previous years’ question papers can help you in analyzing the time taken to solve the paper. It helps to re-work on your paper solving strategy to maximize accuracy.


NEET UG 2019Use Revision cum Practice strategy to give effective push to your final NEET UG 2019 preparation. To revise topics of Biology, take 90 questions from that subject and solve them within the timeframe devoted to Biology in NEET exam. To revise topics of Physics/Chemistry, take 45 questions from each and solve them within timeframe devoted to these subjects in NEET 2019 exam. This will help you in achieving two important aspects of NEET UG 2019 preparation.


Last but not least, Health. Health is one such major factor to be considered during the last few days of NEET preparation. The realization of having few days left for NEET exam is sure to give stress to medical aspirants. During this period, it is very important that you keep stress and anxiety under control. You may be a very hard worker or smart worker but without proper health, you may lose confidence and face difficulties on your NEET exam day. Keep yourself energetic and rejuvenated by indulging in activities that are stress busters. Take some time out from your study schedule and relax. Follow a healthy diet and refrain from eating outside food. Avoid studying at late night as it would affect your sleep cycle and in turn your health. Staying healthy is very important and it will surely have a positive effect on your NEET exam day.

These tips are simple but extremely helpful. Follow these and be sure that you would be definitely able to crack the NEET UG 2019 exam.

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