Life after MBBS: Medical Career Options for Medical Graduates

Have you ever got a feeling that working as a doctor in a hospital at odd hours of the day is not really your calling? Don’t worry! There are many opportunities for a medical graduate like you. You just need to find a vocation that suits your temperament and requirement and where you can effectively utilize your medical background as well. Here are some medical career options for you.

Medical Career Options
Medical Career Options

Interdisciplinary sciences 

Medical field is no more restricted to the categories of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, but it is coming up with newer areas by inter-mixing of two or more subjects. You have the medical career options to study and research various fields in medical science, which is now combined with other areas like engineering and information technology to form different disciplines like bioengineering, biomedical science, bioinformatics, etc.

Hospital Administration

For a non-practicing medical graduate, hospital administration is one of the interesting medical career options which deals with planning, directing, coordinating and supervising the delivery of health care. In order to ensure smooth administration of medical establishment of staff members, one needs to have ample knowledge in health care department. Who else can serve this job better than a medical graduate like you? Think about it.

Medical Transcription

Transcribing voice recorded medical reports, which include diagnostic reports, prescriptions, clinical notes, etc. dictated by health care professionals into a written text is called medical transcription. This is one of the exciting medical career options for medical graduates since it requires a sound knowledge of medical terminology. Being a medical graduate, you have an advantage to opt this course because of your medical science background.

Medical Publishing Industry

Medical journals are the mode of passing the information to the doctors about breakthroughs in the world of medical science and health care. There are many medical publishing organizations who recruit medicos for compilation and editing of articles for medical journals. If you have flair of writing, research skills along with technical knowledge then you can contribute your skills to various magazines, journals, newspaper columns, e-books and websites dedicated to the cause of medical science.

If you are confused about which career path to follow then contact expert career counselors. Career counselors will provide best career counseling support to suit your requirements.