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Medical Education in Karnataka has always been in demand among medical aspirants because of the quality of education, methods of training, academic facilities and huge opportunities to explore one’s skills. Every year lakhs of students across the country dream of pursuing MBBS Course in Karnataka. There were times when students had the option to try their luck through multiple Entrance Exams. But today, NEET UG is the only gateway for MBBS Admissions in Karnataka.

From past few years, the demand for Medical Seats in Karnataka has been increasing rapidly and the competition has only become tougher with the introduction of NEET Exam.

For any aspirant seeking Medical Admission in Karnataka, qualifying in NEET Entrance Exam will not suffice. One has to go through a lengthy and complicated procedure of NEET Counselling in Karnataka. Since MBBS Admissions in Karnataka takes place through scores obtained in NEET UG, it is impossible to get Direct Admission to a medical college be it Open category seats or seats under Management Quota or NRI Quota, one has to apply for regular NEET Merit Counselling process even for seeking admission in above categories.

To get into a Top Medical College in Karnataka, one has to have a thorough understanding of the NEET UG Merit Counselling process for MBBS Admissions in Karnataka. Since lot of rules and regulations are involved in each round of counselling, students often get confused with the process and most of the times end up with an unwanted seat allotment or no allotment even at better NEET Rank.

The fee structure for each college varies based on the category of seats. One needs to be very careful while choosing a medical college in the given category based on their budget. There are possibilities of seat allotment under high fee category due to incorrect choices selected during option entry process.

The Option entry process is the most important and challenging phase in the entire process of NEET UG counselling in Karnataka. The possibilities of seat allotment is not just dependent on the obtained NEET rank but also on the sequence in which you choose the college options. It is very essential to plan the sequence of college options in such a way that the possibilities of seat allotment are high for given NEET rank. This requires an expert level of understanding of NEET cutoff ranks for different categories.

For detailed understanding on the entire process of NEET UG counselling for MBBS Admissions in Karnataka, you can always consider to take up a session of NEET UG Guidance with us. With an expertise of more than two decades in the field of medical education, we are experts in providing NEET Merit Counselling Guidance. We have been helping thousands of students every year to get MBBS Admissions in Best Medical Colleges in Karnataka for obtained NEET Rank.

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