MCI Regulations for Medical Aspirants to Study Medical Abroad

With increasing competition for MBBS seats in India, many Indian medical aspirants are looking for options to study medical abroad. However, there are concerns about the quality of the students who can easily get a degree in medicine from abroad and the poor quality of education being imparted in the institutions they go to. To address these issues, the MCI has made NEET now mandatory for Indian medical aspirants wishing to study medical abroad.

MCI Rules and Regulations to Study Medical Abroad

Public Notice dated 23 Apr 2018: Regarding Eligibility in NEET

The Medical Council of India (MCI) with the prior approval of the Govt. Of India, Ministry of Family Health & Family Welfare, New Delhi has made amendments in the “Screening Test Regulations, 2002” and in Eligibility Requirement for securing MBBS admission in foreign medical university/college for the requirement of NEET on or after May 2018 in respect of Indian/Overseas Citizen of India.


Medical Abroad


Later, a large number of representations/letters/emails were received by the MCI from parents/students etc. regarding exemption of Indian citizens/OCIs who had taken admission in medical university in Philippines/any other foreign medical university and were pursuing BS/premedical course in foreign universities on or before May 2018 from NEET. The Executive Committee of the Council considered the matter and it was decided that such students would be exempted from NEET. However, such aspirants had to obtain Eligibility Certificate from MCI. It was clarified that this would be one time exemption of Indian citizens/OCIs from NEET.

It was also clarified that Indian citizens/OCIs leaving India to study medicine abroad on or after 31 May 2018 would not be exempted from NEET.

Public Notice dated 14 Sep 2018: Regarding One-Time Exemption for Eligibility in NEET

After receiving concerns from Parents/Students, the MCI, had granted one time exemption from NEET of all Indian Citizens who had not registered/appeared/qualified in NEET 2018 exam and desired to study medical abroad. However, such students had to furnish an undertaking that they had not registered for NEET 2018 and obtain Eligibility Certificate from MCI.

Public Notice dated 11 Dec 2018: Regarding Amendment in Screen Test Regulations & Eligibility Requirement

As per the provisions made in the “Screening Test Regulations, 2002” and also in Eligibility Requirement for taking admission to MBBS abroad, Indian citizens/OCIs intending to take admission to medical abroad from the academic year 2019-20 shall have to mandatorily qualify in NEET. The result of NEET shall deem to be treated as eligibility certificate, provided such aspirants fulfil MBBS admission criteria prescribed in the Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997.

However, Indian citizens who intend to take admission to MBBS in Pakistan will be required to obtain Eligibility Certificate from MCI in addition to qualifying in NEET exam.

Public Notice dated 5 Apr 2018: Requirement of NEET in respect of Students desires study medical abroad

Representations were received by MCI from various sources seeking clarification regarding qualifying in NEET at the time of admission to MD course in Philippines and last date for MBBS admission abroad without qualifying in NEET. The Board of Governors (BoG) considered the matter and it is clarified as under:

• The medical aspirant who qualify in NEET 2019 and leave India to study premedical course/language course will not be required to qualify in NEET again at the time of their actual MBBS admission in subsequent year(s) after competition of premedical/language course.

• The medical aspirants wishing to study medical abroad who qualify in NEET once, his/her NEET score will be valid for a period of 3 years from the date of NEET result declaration. Such aspirants shall be entitled to pursue premedical course/language course, if any, followed by MBBS course.

• The medical aspirants who had not qualified in NEET 2018 and/or registered in NEET 2018 and intending to take MBBS admission abroad are exempted until the declaration of NEET 2019 result. However such aspirants have to obtain MCI eligibility certificate.

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