National Testing Agency (NTA) – Nodal Agency to conduct Medical Entrance Exam

The National eligibility Cum Entrance Test popularly known as NEET is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) from 2019 onwards. NTA has been established as the premier self-sustained institute to conduct entrance exams for higher education in India. NEET UG is the national level entrance test conducted for admission to MBBS/BDS courses in India. NTA has been established to provide a fair platform for efficient and transparent system of evaluation.

The National testing agency is the nodal agency which takes care of the medical entrance test at both undergraduate as well as post graduate level. National Testing Agency takes care of end to end entrance test preparation, test execution, test delivery, and test marking. NTA ensures that it matches the recruitment level of international research based standards and works hard to design the best recruitment system.


NTA serves the following functions:

The following functions are served by the National Testing Agency:

• National Testing Agency partners with educational institutions with appropriate infrastructure to conduct online exams without disturbing the academic routine of those institutions.

NTA identifies and incorporates all modern techniques to come up with relevant question banks.

• To encourage a strong research based culture and maintain the required subject experts to design questionnaires.

• To raise the standards of examination in India by collaborating with international organisation like ETS.

• National Testing Agency is entitled to undertake any exam that is entrusted by government of India or state government.

• To provide the necessary training and advisory to educational institutes in India and to improve the quality of examination services of the institutes.

• To suggest and undertake reforms of school boards to bring their standards of exams to national level/state level medical and other entrance exams.

Governing Body

National Testing Agency is entrusted and run by the governing body which contains 8 members in total. The governing body is headed by the Chairman Shri. R Subrahmanyam. The members of governing body are the renowned academicians with excellent academic record and proven academic calibre.

TEAM Members

The core team members consists of education experts, researchers, assessment developers and administrators. The team functions together to come up with scientifically designed and properly delivered assessments to improve the learning processes. If the entrance systems are well-designed and controlled to ensure that the selection of students in done through merit and not the means, then, such students will definitely contribute towards the wellbeing of the society.

NTA is required its practices with the changing educational needs. NTA aims at giving major input to design research based evaluation tests. The core team of NTA consists of the following:

• Test content writers

• Researchers and Psychometricians

• Education Specialists

Test content writers: NTA has a team of subject matter experts who are trained to devise examination content using software or artificial intelligence. All NEET entrance exams will go through a strict scrutiny by various experts before finalizing on them.

Researchers and Psychometricians: NTA hires international experts of psychometrics and statistics. These researchers constantly research the data to support the standards of examinations they are entrusted with. The psychometricians constantly ideate for future assessment practices. The researchers and psychometricians are responsible for:

• To ensure the examination test is reliable.

• To establish appropriate assessment practices.

• To influence the national testing policy for students at national level.

• To ensure fairness of the tests conducted in various disciplines.

• To equate the tests done during the year so that these tests are comparable.

Education policy analysts

The policy analysts strive to bring the educational policy reforms within the country. They analyse the huge collection of student data across various subject areas.

• Based on the analysis of this data, the policy analysts inform the policy makers to improve the teaching accordingly.

• NTA also provides relevant inputs on student training needs.

National Testing Agency is the national level organising body to conduct NEET (National entrance and eligibility test) at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

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