NMAT Philippines – National Medical Admission Test for MD in Philippines

The National Medical Admission Test Philippines – NMAT Philippines is a medical entrance exam conducted by the Center for Educational Measurement, Inc. (CEM) for admission to MD in medical colleges in Philippines. This medical entrance exam is designed to improve the quality of medical education in Philippines.

There are two test administrations in a year – the Regular and the Backup Test. The Regular test is usually conducted in the middle of the year and the Backup  test is conducted at the end of the year for those who have missed Regular test and are seeking MBBS admission in medical colleges in Philippines.


NMAT Philippines - National Medical Admission Test

NMAT Philippines Eligibility Criteria


The candidates seeking MBBS admission in Philippines (MD admission) through NMAT Philippines must be graduate or a graduating student of any recognized college (Bachelor’s degree).


NMAT Philippines Application Fee


The NMAT registration fee is PHP 500 (INR 670 approx.) that includes the NMAT online application form and student information questionnaire (SIQ), the transaction email and password, and the essential download materials like NMAT ID form, practice papers, and other downloadable information for medical aspirants such as college details.

The NMAT Philippines Test fees is PHP 1,400 (INR 1880 approx.) that covers the cost of processing NMAT application, processing and scoring of answer sheets, conduct of NMAT Philippines test and delivery of NMAT results.


Mode of Payment


Candidates seeking admission to MBBS in Philippines (MD in Philippines) can pay NMAT registration fee in any one of the following modes.


Over-The-Counter Bank Transaction


If a candidate chooses to pay NMAT registration fee by bank deposit, he/she must visit nearest Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) branch and complete Deposit/Payment slip using the bank reference numbers. The candidate should keep the client’s copy of the deposit for reference or verification purpose.


Credit Card


If a candidate selects an option to pay by Credit Card, he/she will be directed to the website of BPI SecurePay and will be instructed accordingly until transaction is successful. The candidate can view his/her NMAT application status and download the NMAT practice set.


NMAT Philippines Application Procedure


There are about two to four months between the registration for the National Medical Admission Test and the administration of the NMAT Philippines test, depending on when the candidates take the test. The NMAT applications shall be available for the eligible candidates from the month of December or January for Regular Test and from the month of June or July for the Backup Test.


  1. Eligible candidates seeking MBBS admission in medical colleges in Philippines must accomplish the NMAT registration form online.
  2. The candidates must fill the required fields in the form along with essential documents, and proceed to the Student Information Questionnaire (SIQ).
  3. The candidates must choose preferred mode of payment (Applicants who register from outside Philippines and will take test in Philippines or in the US can only pay through Credit Card).
  4. The candidates will receive NMAT Identification (ID) Form and a confirmation of payment if paid by credit card. The candidates must download and print a copy of NMAT ID Form to submit it on the NMAT test day.

The candidates are allowed to edit their details in NMAT application form only during the registration period. If any changes are made then the candidates will receive a new NMAT ID form to their registered Email ID for print.


Checklist of Documents Required During Registration


  • Before registering for NMAT, the candidates should keep ready the following documents:
  • Validand current School ID or Government-issued ID (or valid passport for applicants from foreign countries)
  • A recent Digital Photo with White Background (must be 2” x 2”, colored, 600 x 600 pixels, less than or equal to 2 MB, in JPG or PNG file format).


NMAT Exam Pattern


The NMAT Philippines is a two part test. The Part 1 consists of tests of mental ability and Part 2 consists of tests of academic proficiency. The NMAT exam pattern is explained in the table below:

Subtest No. of Items Recommended Time Allotment
Verbal 40 40 minutes
Inductive Reasoning 40 50 minutes
Quantitative 40 50 minutes
Perceptual Acuity 40 40 minutes
Time Limit* 3 Hours
Biology 50 35 minutes
Physics 50 40 minutes
Social Science 50 35 minutes
Chemistry 50 40 minutes
Time Limit* 2 ½ hours

Note: Time limit starts when the signal to begin the test is given. It does not include time spent on preliminary activities, giving directions, and distribution of materials.

The candidates must note that the marks will not be deducted for wrong answer.


NMAT Examination Permit


The candidate should visit the official NMAT website 2 weeks before the actual NMAT test date and click on the link for Room Assignment to know their test centre and room assignment. The candidates should download and print their NMAT examination permit and carry the same on the NMAT test day.


NMAT Test Score/Result


The NMAT yields the following scores:


  • Part 1 subtest scores and a composite score called APT
  • Part 2 subtest scores and a composite score called SA
  • A full composite score obtained from the eight sub-tests called the General Performance Score (GPS)


The NMAT General Performance Score (GPS) is reported with a corresponding Percentile Rank (PR). The PR ranges from 1- to 99+ with a midpoint of 50. The medical colleges in Philippines evaluate the PR obtained by the candidates in NMAT Philippines Test against the PR cutoff prescribed by the CHED or the medical university itself. This PR cutoff is the minimum score that qualified a candidate as a bonafide applicant for MBBS admission in his/her preferred medical colleges in Philippines.

The  NMAT test  scores  are  reported  through  the  Examinee  Report  (electronic  and  printed  copy)  and  the Masterlist of Test Results (MTR). The candidates can download the electronic copy of NMAT test results after 20 business days from the test date.

The NMAT Philippines test score will be printed on the Examinee Report Form (ERF). The original copy of the ERF will be mailed or be ready for pickpup at the testing centre indicted on NMAT application form with the below schedule


  • Regular testing -six (6) weeks after the test date
  • Back up testing -four (4) weeks after the test date


To protect the  authenticity  of  the NMAT results,  the NMAT score of candidates will  also  appear  on  the  masterlist  of NMAT  test scores which will be sent to all medical universities in Philippines, Commission on Higher Education (CHED), Higher  Education  Regional  Offices  (HERO),  and  the  office  of  the  Association  of  Philippine  Medical Colleges Foundation, Inc. (APMC).  For official NMAT scores, these offices must refer only to the Master list.

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