Scope of Engineering from Alliance College of Engineering & Design

Alliance College of Engineering, a procreative & proactive part of Alliance University, is noteworthy for its extraordinary contribution to the world of technology. Alliance College of Engineering & Design meticulously accommodates each & every need of the changeable generation through structured academic frameworks & prowess to transform the academia into a world of remarkable studentships.

The college maintains its abidance to the doctrines revolving around the groundwork & export of competent engineers with innovative inclination. The college is a devout practitioner of educational excellence & disciplinary academics. The college acknowledges that changeable expectations have become a part of each sector & educational sectors are no exception to this fact. The college has been experientially utilizing the available & derivable resources to ensure complete & utmost fulfillment of each expectation of its students.

The Alliance College of Engineering & Design has been instrumentally redeveloping the offshoots dedicated to increase the level of academic excellence. The academic excellence at Alliance College of Engineering & Design complies strongly with the sensible staff & reliable management that go out of the way to ensure full-fledged concentration on each student.

The prime consideration to the design aspects, best possible dedication to the academia & the prospective betterments, evaluative strategy of education & responsible freedom are the keystones of Alliance College of Engineering & Design. The alumni of the college are engineered for inventions & innovations of a futuristic world. The college has been a witness to the internships which are rational & driven by the industrial yardsticks.

Alliance College of Engineering & Design

The pupils under the prosperous patronage of the college become creative leaders with multidisciplinary fundamentals unified with aesthetical approach. The institute staunchly follows the concept of individual attention to each pupil under the patronage. The dedicated Center of Research at the college outlines each & every way its students can better the available opportunities & reach the unattained benchmarks in their career.

The unique features of studying Engineering from Alliance College of Engineering & Design are as follows:

  • The B.TECH student at the college gets awarded with the degree by Alliance University.


  • The advanced laboratories at the college are reflective of the fact that the college aims at establishing & maintaining optimal experimental accuracy.


  • The ultramodern infrastructural layout ensures high educational quality thus allowing the students develop analytical approaches & maintain them throughout their professional journey.


  • The Internship opportunities become a markedly right way for the students at the College to gain the real-time experience & reuse the experiences categorically throughout their career.


  • The articulation agreements with foreign universities allow the students to study abroad seamlessly wherein the students can actualize their ambitions & explorative arenas.


  • The scholarship facilities offer a rather conductive approach to the studious students.


  • Center of Development of Entrepreneurship & Leadership allows the students to leap & peep into what ideal doctrines of entrepreneurship are all about & the ways to imbibe them.


  • The course composed of various innovatively programmed aspects like Learner’s Value Proposition, Elective Subjects, Core Subjects, Industry Internship Program & Professional Skills Development confer an all inclusive ideology durable not only throughout the studentship but also during the career of the students.


  • The Career Advancement office at the college nurtures the values relying upon the responsible practice of professionalism.


  • The office builds & preserves healthy relations & rapports with industrial leaders, MNCs, global leaders in technology & noteworthy companies in order to ensure ceaseless interactivity.


  • The strong alumni network established & maintained by the College remains instrumentally active in offering widespread coverage to the career objectives of its students.


  • The international linkages of the college ensure that the students can explore themselves & their talents beyond the nation & embed an international credit into their resume.


  • The Placement Department remains active when it comes to encouraging the students to realize & act on their professional skills in order to utilize them for their futuristic goals.


  • The placement records of the college affirm the facts that substantiate the bright future & prosperous alumni network of the Alliance College of Engineering & Design.


  • The college has an expandable list of recruitment partners such as Aditya Birla Money, Amazon, American Express, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance & Bosch to name a few.


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