Scope of Engineering from MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology was established in the year 1962 by late Dr. MS Ramaiah, a philanthropist with a view to build modernistic India coupled with the set of prototypes engineered for excellence. MS Ramaiah, was always determined in his attempts to fill the gaps meant for the provision of qualified engineers; the engineers who can build a modern India & bring innovative platforms.

The founder visualized the institute as a center of excellence wherein the aspirants of technology (Engineering) will receive the preparatory benchmarks & become the founders of their own future. The developmental years of MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology have seen participative efforts of various professionals who teamed up with the founder to build up a technically proactive future. The personal commitment of honorable MS Ramaiah has been an inspiration for the entire management of MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology.

The current eon sees MSRIT’s strategic development into an abode of technological excellence. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, a productive domicile has outsourced more than 35,000 engineers who have radiantly changed the world of technology. MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology started its operations on 4th August 1962 with Electrical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering under the illuminative leadership of its first principal Prof. CR Ramachandran.

MSRIT ceaselessly evolves into an educational abode that aims at imparting the technically unchallengeable education derived for the best outputs. The implementation of global quality norms coupled with conductive environment encourages both MSRIT & its students to nurture a future with competitive milestones. MSRIT’s morale confirms that its contemporary milestones will continue to inspire each of its students to exhibit illustrious studentship.

The institute has been ranked 45th in India. MSRIT is also eminent being ranked as the 1st amongst all the Engineering institutions under the affiliation of Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The evolutionary platforms of MSRIT also excel with 46 Industrial Collaborations beckoning its prospective excellence. The additives of MSRIT also reflect in 350 Average Publications per Year that the institute disseminates. The 95% placement records signify the proactive part MSRIT plays towards the collective betterment of each pupil under its competent patronage.

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology

Here we peep into the additional features that make engineering at MSRIT one of the best choices ever made:

  • Administered as a separate entity in the year 1997, The Department of Placement & Training is in active coordination with various companies.


  • The coordinative firms recruit the talented humankinds from MSRIT for entry level positions.


  • The very year of the groundwork of MSRIT witnessed the institute’s commendable rapport with around 47 organizations & the successful placement of 172 students.


  • Every year witnesses a feverish pitch of reputable organizations visiting the campus & summating their recruitment procedures.


  • The batch of 2016 saw a total of 1892 offers made by 378 companies.


  • The MSRIT has transformed today into one of the most practically preferred institutions when it comes to campus recruitments.


  • The brightest firms from the corporate world have become regular visitors of MSRIT today.


  • Various notable companies tend to compete tremendously in their ambitious attempts to recruit the best talents from MSRIT.


  • The rise of the MNCs has specifically witnessed the spirit of MSRIT alumni & miscellaneous MNCs have become the notable witnesses to the professional excellence of MSRIT alumni.


  • The institution has now arrived at a point whereupon the enthusiasts find MSRIT the most preferable destination to fulfill their professional & entrepreneurial dreams.


  • The records & history of the Placement processes at MSRIT corroborate the fact that the alumni are on the affirmative peak of their career & their career objectives are brought to fruition.


  • The MSRIT is instrumental in its mission to become a spearhead when it comes to the campus recruitments on a global & international level.


  • The MSRIT has also proposed an HR Center wherein the students will go through strategic sessions under the HR officials who will reshape the complete cluster of their skills & strengths.


  • The HR Center will also assume full responsibility for transforming the students into the mankind of excellence with integrative abilities, entrepreneurial skills, leadership qualities & ideological clarity. The center also wants the students to learn all the skills needed to build a professionally interactive personality.


  • The additional infrastructure of MSRIT will also harbor a domicile dedicated to conduct Value Added Training Programs & increase the employability of the students through such programs.



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