Scope of Engineering from Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT Bangalore)

Bangalore Institute of Technology (BIT) was established in the year 1979 with the ambitions to offer magnificent education in the contemplative field of technology. BIT Bangalore aims at technologically serving the society. BIT Bangalore wants to build up the new technological trends for the corrective & collective betterments in a swift world of consistent transformations. BIT Bangalore has procedurally developed the ambience specifically crafted for the educational excellence adding to the spirit of fruitful studentship. 

BIT gives top priority to the complete development of each pupil under its transformative patronage. BIT Bangalore has always been at the frontage of modern technology. The college went ahead to become the introducer of the first full-fledged COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERIUNG degree in Karnataka. The college successfully worked on the prospective growth areas & relevantly identified the courses for a better control on technological challenges.

BIT currently surges with 9 Undergraduate, 10 Postgraduate & PHD courses. The college maintains a successful record of more than 4000 intake of students every year & transforming their lives into an abundance of professionalism & excellence. The college also maintains a set of collaborative ventures dedicated to interdisciplinary research. Several research centers & institutions are in active collaboration with the college.

The Chemistry Department of BIT Bangalore has excelled as one of the latest research centers in Karnataka. The college is a program center for IGNOU. The central library with voluminous innards & its backup of 90000 volumes of textbooks & reference books graciously supports the academic & research initiatives of BIT. BIT also has an auditorium with a capacity of 1200, a seminar hall, cooperative society, a canteen & a spacious section dedicated to sports & cultural activities.

The college harbors an ANTI RAGGING Cell & a Women Grievances Cell specifically dedicated to the female welfare. The college also efficaciously nurtures the concept & significance of cultural & extracurricular activities. The college flourishes culturally every year with an annual festival named MANTHAN. The program also colorfully highlights the glorious years of its history through its periodic magazine named BITANNICA.

BIT bangalore

Here we peep into the various reasons why BIT Bangalore will remain a preferable choice for the engineering enthusiasts:

  • Various esteemed industries & corporate centers currently thrive on the BIT Alumni whom they recruited during the campus interviews.


  • BIT takes optimal efforts to sharpen its graduate & postgraduate students so that they become the independent modifiers of their professional & entrepreneurial objectives.


  • BIT stops at nothing when it comes to training the students on aptitude, ideological clarity technical skills & soft skills to recharge their abilities to face the interviews prosperously.


  • The college regularly conducts a variety of programs like seminars, workshops, faculty development etc to stay aloft with the technological advances in the field of engineering.


  • The college has developed student’s forums like ROTRACT Club, TEDx, Xkalibre & Quiz Club upon realizing their importance & the way such forums help the students to identify their aggregates.


  • The college splurges its endeavors on enhancing the interactions between industry & institute to better the volume & quality of the campus placements.


  • The Placement Cell also takes additional efforts to provide the latest details about the career opportunities.


  • The seminars conducted by BIT focus on the lectures by eminent personalities who guide the students about what it takes to succeed & maintain the success in the long run.


  • The college takes practical efforts to ensure that each of its students is properly introduced to the industry & the students are garnering optimum industrial exposure.


  • The college gives prime consideration even to the interactions with the professional trainees who give rational details about the latest trends in the industry.


  • The college constantly seeks to engage in the research activities to assuredly give a boost to the potential discoveries in the field of technology.


  • The faculty members dedicate considerable time to solve intransigent problems & bring imaginative approaches which potentially offer a scope to generate innovational opportunities.


  • The college has been instrumental in guaranteeing that each pupil under its patronage receives his dream job & reaches to the desirable heights in his professional or entrepreneurial ventures.


  • Each academic year sees magnificent number of students effortlessly eligible for the placements & a vast majority of the students get placed in various MNCs known for their global presence.



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