Scope of Doing PG Medical Abroad

Indian doctors are always anxious about a post-graduation course. One option for them is definitely to pursue PG medical abroad. Certain factors, which contribute in listing various countries at the top in terms of the best places for medical professionals taking up a course, are the state-of-the-art learning facilities, advanced equipment, teaching techniques, research opportunities and advanced technology. Students can also take up specializations of their choice and doctors take pride in stating that they have completed PG medical abroad from countries like USA, Germany, or UK.

MBBS candidates who wish to pursue PG Medical Abroad have good options. However, some entrance levels are difficult and some very expensive. Most popular places for PG medical abroad are USA, Germany, and UK. Degrees of these countries including Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are well recognized by the MCI (Medical Council of India).It is said that the standards in these countries are the best worldwide. For Indian students, it is not worth considering a country which is not recognized by MCI as this closes their possibilities of practicing medicine in India after the PG medical course.

PG Medical Abroad

There are certain factors, which need to be considered while selecting a country and university for PG medical abroad. One very important factor is recognition of the country by international medical boards such as MCI, WHO, European Union, etc. This opens opportunities in various locations for the aspirants. Another considerable aspect is the scope for healthcare industry in terms of technological advancements, innovation, exposure to various treatments and new preventive measures, new and improved patient-care management systems, etc.

When we talk about a PG medical abroad, the aspirants have to keep in mind that is not an easy way out. If NEET PG is difficult, so is the entrance examination for various countries allowing medical students. Then comes the financial planning. If you wish to pursue PG medical abroad, start planning during the MBBS days.

Let us check the top three preferred locations, courses offered there, and ways to reach your goals of taking up PG medical abroad.

1. Medical PG in USA

An Indian doctor cannot practice in the US directly.He has to complete the post-graduation medicine course there. After MBBS, a doctor has to give an entrance test – USMLE. Once he clears the exam with high grades, he can enrol for the PG medical course. USMLE-2 CK is required to qualify for the Residency in USA. This exam can be given in India and it is mandate for students who wish to get a work visa there.

USMLE monitors the PG procedure in the US. A candidate has to appear for USMLE-1 and USMLE 2CK exams (CK stands for Clinical Knowledge).Then he has to give the USMLE – 2 CS (CS stands for Clinical Skills). Though highly competitive, online exam, can be given from India, it is much easier than the NEET PG entrance test conducted in India. However, the syllabus is different than the MBBS course here.

Steps for candidates who appear for the PG course in the US:

Step 1 – Complete the MBBS course in India

Step 2 – USMLE-1 (from India)

Step 3 – USMLE-2CK (from India)
USMLE-2CS (from USA-practical exam)

Step 4– USMLE (from USA)

Step 5 – Register with the ECFMG – Educational Commission for Foreign medical Graduates for writing the exams. Once you pass the exam, you will be certified by the ECFMG. After this you are eligible to apply for residency.

Step 6 – USCE in the US – The key criteria for residency is to get clinical experience. This includes internships, observer-ships, research, electives, volunteering, etc. The duration of USCE is more important than the type.

Step 7 – Apply for residency (Post-Graduation in USA) –Select your branch for specialization.

Step 8 – Practice in USA

Clearing the USMLE opens up many opportunities for candidates.

• Apply for a fellowship in the US

• Apply for residency in the US

• This exam is valid for NZREX Clinical

• Work as general practitioner in Dubai as it is recognized by DHA

• Apply for residency in Canada (Some places) as this works as an alternative to MCQEE

In the US, the salary, respect, and quality of life for a medical professional is very high and desired for.

2. Medical PG in Germany

Germany has always been a hub for technology and medicine. It has a history of producing great scientists and doctors. Medical aspirants who wish to pursue their PG course in the same field can surely choose this country as their destination. With the most advanced technological benefits, it also reduces the cost of the PG medical course as compared to the USA. Many universities are free of cost as well. PG medical course in Germany is definitely a good choice for Indian doctors.

However, for students going to pursue PG medical abroad in a country like Germany need to have a proficiency of the local language. Hence, it is mandate for them to learn German, at least up to C1 level.

Advantages of Medical PG in Germany

• Most of the medical universities are MCI, WHO, and IMED approved/recognized

• Many universities give free education or very less fee as compared to other countries

• Wide range of courses with the latest curriculum

• No admission entrance tests

• Courses provide internships for students

• Excellent research opportunities

• Technically advanced equipment and teaching processes

• Good stipend for students pursuing Clinical PG medical course

•After the course, international students can practice in Germany for more than 2 years and move to another European country to practice medicine

To get into a medical PG course in Germany, you need not appear for any entrance exam. German language is required and if you also clear the TestDaf test it is more than enough to ensure residency. However, to convert your temporary medical practicing licence into a permanent one, you need to clear a test which is known as ‘Kenntnis Prufung’. Only 3 attempts are given to aspirants who wish to clear this test.

Fees in Germany is quite less than the course in USA. Language proficiency is, however, a must. Many German medical universities are well recognized by the MCI. Hence, coming back to India after completing PG medical abroad in country like Germany would also be open for the doctors. And those who wish to settle in Germany should know that the average income of MD or MS is about INR 70 lacs.

Some of the most desired Universities for PG Medical Abroad:

• Freiburg University

• Heidelberg University

• Ruprecht Karls

• Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

• Munich Technical University

Germany is said to have one of the most reputed and outstanding medical education system in the world. It may not be inappropriate to say that the standard of education here is at par with those in US and UK. For international students, the most important aspects become the low cost fee structure at top class institutes of the world with excellent state-of-the-art-facilities.

3. Medical PG in UK

UK has always been a preferred location for medical aspirants seeking PG medical abroad. Especially, ones looking for research in Medicine, Surgery, Oncology, Cardiology, etc. opt for UK universities for one of the best possible options in terms of training and technology.

Courses in UK

• Gastroenterology Medicine

• Orthopaedic Surgery

• Cardio-Vascular Medicine

• Internal Medicine

• Diabetes

• Ophthalmology Surgery

• Clinical Dermatology

• Gynaecology

• Paediatrics and Child Health

• Many more…

Same as the US, there are entrance examinations for the medical aspirants who wish to pursue their post-graduation in the UK. Candidates have to appear for the PLAB exams (Professional & linguistic assessment). English Language proficiency is also a must as it is not considered as the first language for Indian. This test is known as IELTS which is given in India to check the level of the English language. Another criterion to be fulfilled by the candidates is relevant work experience of at least 3 years.

After completing PG medical abroad, you can settle there for better opportunities and financial benefits. However, being an Indian citizen you have some duties towards your own country as well. Today, India needs good medical professionals. Hence, come back and serve your own people in your own country. Wishing you all the best!

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