Scope of Engineering from RV College of Engineering

The RV College of Engineering was founded in the year 1963. The college functions on the educational tenets aiming at transforming the lives of engineering aspirants. The college was started with 3 engineering branches which were Civil, Mechanical & Electrical. The successful strides of the college throughout the decades have transformed the college into an abode that presently offers 12 Undergraduate Engineering Programs, 21 Master Degree Programs & Doctoral Studies.

The campus sprawls across 52 acres in a pristine area away from the heart of Bangalore, the IT Valley of Asia. The ambience offers ideal atmosphere for the education & conversion of an aspirant into a sincere practitioner of professionalism. The ideal atmosphere & disciplinary academia ensures that the students become both knowledgeably & culturally proactive with a keen sense of personal & professional development.

The college is a self-financed institute & is renowned for being one of such top 10 institutions in India. The college continues making headway towards educational magnificence through dedicated faculty & endeavors dedicated to Research & Development. The current annual intake for Undergraduate & Postgraduate Engineering programs is above 1200. The college aims at maintaining its successful journey through responsible efforts tailored for great results.

Having assumed the qualitative leadership of Technical Education, Interdisciplinary Research & Innovation, the college focuses on sustainable & inclusive technology. 90% of the classrooms house multimedia projectors & internet facility. All the academic blocks rely on a secured Wi-Fi connectivity. The needs of the physically challenged people are accommodated with ramps & elevators.

RV College of Engineering

The additional features that make the college one of the best choices for the engineering aspirants are as follows:


  • The belief of transformation that the college relies on gives hopes to the students in turn creating & maintaining the ambience favorable & conductive for a productive academia.


  • The college is at a embryonic frontage when it comes to providing the education affluent in all terms; the terms that determine the way one can effectuate his ambitions & transform them into reality.


  • The mission of the college to imbibe the requirements of each segment of the society makes it rational enough to deal with all the prospective situations conveniently & prolifically.


  • The result oriented approaches at the college offer the opportunities to learn & change one’s ideological criteria into possible breakthroughs.


  • The educational ambience at the college sets unbendable standards workable in each situation thereby allowing the students to grow in all the educational surges & ultimately in the professional spheres. The students become independent decision makers without any additional efforts through this strategy. It also makes them the volunteers of a productive future.


  • The developmental areas of each student are carefully & thoroughly analyzed at the college to ensure that no student loses out on his / her health growth & professional transformation.


  • The Department of Placement & Training at RV College of Engineering is renowned for maintaining uniformity in terms of successful recruitments & rational alumni.


  • The employers or recruiters of the RVCE alumni are some of the most noteworthy firms & MNCs across the globe.


  • The multifunctional system of Placement & Training at RVCE offers considerable scope to the students to grow in an environment that allows them to expand themselves professionally.


  • The successful transformation of the students into a prolific professional is further marked by the fact that the RVCE alumni have been instrumental at revolutionizing a variety of famous MNCs.


  • The objectives of the Placement & Training Cell at RVCE revolve around the fact that preservation of an affirmative attitude is mandatory apart from the professional skills.


  • The cell takes optimum efforts to phenomenally act as the medium between the departments at RVCE & the industrial units.


  • Each year sees the RV College of Engineering graduates being welcomed & graciously appointed by various MNCs & technological leaders.


  • The total number of offers received by the fresh RVCE graduates tends to increase every year remarkably.


  • The total number of offers received by various disciplines of Engineering at RVCE has already exceeded 800 in 2018.


  • The recruiters of the RVCE alumni are completely satisfied with their cumulative performance & noteworthy landmarks the recruiters achieved in the presence of the RVCE alumni.


  • RVCE has meticulously accommodated both integral & illustrious demands of various industries & MNCs ever since its advent by providing talented manpower to a variety of industrial units.


  • The notable recruiters of RV College of Engineering alumni are Deloitte, Kiwi Foods, BOSCH, ABB, EBAY, Samsung & SAP to name a few.


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