Things to be considered while selecting Philippines Medical College

For 50 years, Philippines was a colony of USA. During this time, Medical Colleges in Philippines (Philippines Medical College) have gained huge infrastructure and facilities to conduct medical courses. Further, the medical education is of high standards and is attested by the fact that Philippines are the HIGHEST Exporter of Nurses and Doctors to the USA and many other western countries. It is this history that now continues to make Philippines a unique place to study medicine.

Philippines are now becoming a centre for higher Education in the region for aspiring students from all round the world. As all the courses are thought in English, students have the opportunity to earn credits that are recognized worldwide while continuing studies in any of the 100’s of courses from dozens of subject areas. Philippines are also cheaper in terms of tuition fee when compared to many western countries.

Philippines Medical College

1. World-wide Reorganization -All universities are listed among the top medical universities in the world. All courses are recognized worldwide. Quality medical education here is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO), MCI, IMED of ECFMG-USA, USMLE, FAIMER and similar other bodies.

2. Age of University – Most of the university in Philippines are almost 100 years old. These type of universities have well established hospitals, great faculty, multiple affiliation of other great universities, great exchange programs. Philippines are the only country which have oldest medical colleges among top few abroad countries.

3. Status of Colleges – Students are advised to check before taking medical admission in Philippines that the standards and curriculum of the medical colleges in Philippines meet with the requirements of MCI to enable their registration upon completion of their course. Only CHED list of higher education institutions (HEIS) offering medicine program.

4. Innovative Curriculum – Innovative curriculum are designed only to provide high quality education. Students always have a choice to proceed with their desired future steps after program completion.

5. Hands on Experience – All colleges, universities, programs and courses are recognized world-wide. Students gain practical knowledge with huge number of lab exercises.

6. Accommodation and Hostel Facilities – The top universities in the Philippines provide leading facilitation for international students. You get sophisticated rooms in College Hostels. They provide all modern facilities like swimming pool, well-equipped gym and more others. They provide ample recreational opportunities and exceptional sports facilities. Tennis courts, basketball, soccer, volleyball, squash and others are available. These experiences made medicine study in Philippines Medical college for international students awesome. International students can get accommodation within the campus area of government medical colleges. The private medical schools in the Philippines have independent hostel buildings. The students may rent an apartment when universities don’t have hostel facilities. The students may check this on the website of Indian Embassy.

7. Unauthorized Admission Agents – The attention of the Embassy has been drawn to the activities of unscrupulous agents alluring Indian students for seeking medical admission in Philippines. In this regard, the list of medical colleges approved by the CHED of Philippines is given below. Prospective students are strictly advised not to get medical admission in any institution outside this list.

8. Exclusive University Point of Contact – Students are recommended to remit their admission fees and other fees including hostel and boarding dues directly to the university bank account they are seeking admission in and not hand over any money to the agent as it has been reported that many agents are taking advantage of this by not depositing it in the university’s account.

9. Well Research – A basic step before moving to a different country is research for resources and information. If you know someone, who has studied at the place where you are going then it is an excellent way to extract lots of information. You can contact university personnel for the information regarding your study pattern and stay. It is always a good thing to be well informed about the weather of the country you are visiting it will benefit you in your bag packing. You should have all the information about the currency exchange rate and carry enough money with you until you find open bank account or an ATM.

10. International Calling – Living far away from your country and people will make you call frequently to India. In that case, you may ask whether your current phone will work abroad and the most common answer is yes. However, it is important to change your SIM card and buy a new one. After that, you can activate an international pack for calling to India and in very cheap rates you can call back home.

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