Top 5 Engineering Courses in Demand

The number of engineering courses has increased in past few years. There are so many engineering branches available for engineering aspirants that they are confused about which one to select. This blog will explain you about the top 5 engineering courses in demand and the benefits of choosing the right one.


These days, just having an engineering degree doesn’t assure you a job with good salary. Many IT graduates who chose the wrong branch and passed out from average ranked engineering colleges are still unemployed. Some of the graduates are forced to work for a low salary to fulfill their basic necessities. Why does this happen? Well, the major reason behind this is that they selected the wrong engineering course and the wrong college. Yes, selecting the wrong engineering branch often land you in a serious trouble.


Engineering Courses Career Counselling

When it comes to choosing a reputed engineering college, the choice of branch will not make a much difference to your career in future as the graduates from a reputed college can bag a good job easily in campus placements. But it’s different when it comes to getting BE/B.Tech admission average ranked engineering colleges. Choosing the wrong engineering course or branch in an average ranked college will often land you in taking job out of interest. Hence, it becomes mandatory to choose the best engineering branch if you cannot make it to one of the top engineering colleges. This blog is all about the top 5 engineering courses available in India for engineering aspirants.


Top 5 Engineering Courses in Demand with Job ScopeDirect BE-BTech Admission in Bangalore

Choosing the right engineering course is one of the smartest decisions you will make in your life. Below is the list of top engineering branches in India that will ensure you a great career ahead.

  1. Computer Science Engineering: Software engineers are the most sought after in India. So, it’s no surprise that this branch of engineering is leading!
  2. Electronics & Communication Engineering: Nowadays, the telecommunications industry & mobile development industry have been making huge progress in the last few years. Hence the job opportunities are plenty.
  3. Electrical & Electronics Engineering: This branch of engineering is evergreen. There is a huge demand for electrical engineering graduates in Government sector.
  4. Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering is always been another evergreen branch of engineering. Despite varying market trends, graduates who have passed in mechanical engineering are sure to get a job soon after their graduation.
  5. Civil Engineering: There is an ocean of job opportunities for Civil engineers and the demand is more as very few students pursue Civil engineering course. The demand is more but the number students graduating in this course is less. Hence this course is sure to fetch you a high paid job.


Conclusion – Which Course to Choose

Most of the highest paying careers in India are found in these engineering courses. These BE branches are highly lucrative and in demand course choices. Talking about job opportunities, these courses will never disappoint you. Ample amount of Government and Private Job opportunities are available for graduates who have successfully completed their graduation in BE/B.Tech course in one of the above mentioned engineering branches. So selecting any one of the courses in demand will certainly ensure you a bright and successful career.


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