Top 5 MDS Specializations and their Career Scope

The Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) degree provides post graduate training in different disciplines in dentistry. The aim of each MDS Specialization is to prepare graduate students to become registered dental specialists. The duration of MDS course is 3 years. The objective of this dental course is to provide top-notch dental education to the dental students and make them more experienced in their chosen MDS Specialization. Upon completion of the MDS course, dental students will have gained thorough knowledge about oral diseases related to the individual specialty.


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MDS Eligibility Criteria

The min. qualification to pursue MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) is BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery). Aspirants must have obtained BDS degree from an institution recognized by Dental Council of India (DCI).


MDS Specializations

There are number of MDS specializations available for BDS graduates. Some of the top MDS Specializations are mentioned below:


List of Top 5 MDS Specializations


MDS Specialization – MDS in Orthodontics

One of the top 5 MDS specializations, MDS in Orthodontics or Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics is a 3 year post graduate dentistry course concerned with the study and treatment of malocclusions, the meaning of this term is imperfect positioning of the teeth when the jaws are closed.

Career Scope after MDS in Orthodontics

MDS Orthodontics serves as a basis for higher studies in the field of Orthodontics such as Ph.D, M.Phil, etc. Graduates after completing MDS course in Orthodontics may start practicing in private clinics, or may pursue career as a Professor or Dental Assistant or Hygienist or Surgeon or Oral Pathologist or Public Health Specialist.


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MDS Specialization – MDS in Oral Surgery

MDS in Oral Surgery is one of the top MDS Specializations for dental aspirants. It’s a 3 year post graduate MDS course which is concerned with diagnosis, surgery and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects in the teeth, mouth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the mouth region.

Career Scope after MDS in Oral Surgery

Job opportunities for graduates after competing MDS in Oral Surgery are available in research institutes, universities, colleges and teaching hospitals. Graduates who are trained private practitioners can set up their own private dental clinic. Some of the other job categories for MDS in Oral Surgery graduates are Consultant, Medical Representative, Oral Pathologist, Dental Surgeon, etc.


MDS Specialization – MDS in Oral Medicine & Radiology

MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology is a one of the most chosen MDS Specializations among dental students. It’s a 3 year post graduate dentistry course which deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of oral and other surrounding regions. This dental course focuses on dealing with patient’s clinical examination, diagnosis, radiographic examination and medical management of diseases related to oral cavity.   

Career Scope after MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology

Dental graduates after completing one of the preferred MDS Specializations, MDS in Oral Medicine and Radiology are highly knowledgeable in all aspects of radiology and have a solid understanding of the basis of disease and the correlation between clinical and radiographic findings. One can find career opportunities in government, private institutions or in some reputed dental colleges.  There are huge job opportunities in foreign countries on high pay scale for MDS graduates in Oral Medicine and Radiology.


MDS Specialization – MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics is one of the prominent MDS Specializations. This MDS course deals with restoration of diseased teeth, thus conserving remaining tooth structure and preserving the natural condition of the teeth. The purpose of this MDS Specialization is to provide advanced dental education in the subject to highly qualified graduate dentists who are interested in a career of expert practice, teaching and research.

Career Scope after MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics

The various job types for graduates after completing MDS in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics are MDS Senior Lecturer, Medical Coordinator, Dental Surgeon, etc. This course is beneficial for those who want to train themselves in the restoration, rehabilitation and maintenance of the dentition. MDS graduates in Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics may also go for higher studies such as Ph.D. as it gives solid base for it.


MDS Specialization – MDS in Periodontics

One of the most sought after MDS Specializations, MDS in Periodontics is a branch of dentistry concerned with diseases of supporting and investing structures of the teeth which include cementum, gums, periodontal membranes and alveolar bone. Some of the treatment methods carried out periodontists are scaling and root planning, gum surgeries, curettage in dentistry, and alveolar bone surgeries.

Career Scope after MDS in Periodontics

Graduates after completing MDS in Periodontics can find job opportunities in private and government dental institutions, teaching hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, defense services, health care sectors of different companies or may pursue Ph.D in Periodontics.


With Dental Hospitals rising up in every corner we see, having a degree in one of the top MDS Specializations can give you quite an advantage over the rest of the postgraduate courses. MDS course is lucrative career option in the present time which not only gets you money but also ensures that you still serve the mankind!


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