AIIMS New Delhi – An Overview

AIIMS New Delhi is among the top medical colleges in India. It is not only the most preferred medical college by Indian students, but it also attracts international students. It is considered the main center for medical studies in India. The founding stone of the institution was laid way back in 1952 by the urgence of an act by the parliament. AIIMS Delhi sets high standards that are required to be followed by other medical colleges if they were to aim for the top. The institution also contributes to most of the innovations and discoveries were done by the Indian medical community.


AIIMS New Delhi is an autonomous institution that functions under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Students from AIIMS have won prestigious awards such as Institute Medal for the best Graduate, etc. To boost the practical abilities of students at AIIMS, the institution offers various facilities. These include surgical skills training, a central animal facility, electron microscope facility, etc. There are also facilities offered to boost the research culture on campus that includes stem cell facilities, centralized core research facilities, etc. The institutional body of the college is at the top of the management tier. The director of AIIMS Delhi College is Prof Randeep Guleria.



All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi offers courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. A 4.5 yearlong MBBS is offered at the UG level along with BSc in few different specializations. At the PG level, both MD and MS are offered. Along with this, other courses such as MDS and MSc are offered as well. PhD-level courses are also offered for certain specialties. The course curriculum at AIIMS incorporates about 42 disciplines. This includes both basic and clinical disciplines. Some super-specialty courses are also offered… Read more about AIIMS New Delhi


AIIMS Delhi Cutoff


For AIIMS Delhi MBBS admission, students need to secure a score of — in the NEET UG exam whereas a rank of — or less in the INI CET exam is required for PG medical admission in top clinical courses… Read more for complete information on AIIMS New Delhi Cutoff


AIIMS New Delhi Faculty


AIIMS Medical College Delhi is made up of the most qualified faculty members in India. The vast list of members has all excelled in their discipline of study. A number of them have also accomplished certain national-level titles and awards. The teachers make use of the comprehensive teaching facilities that are offered at the campus. The teaching curriculum delivered to the students is of exceptional standards. All the methods used by the faculty to deliver knowledge are also innovative. The faculty members also train students to be competent medical professionals who will turn into teachers for the coming generations. They raise medical teachers for India’s future. A community-based teaching method is adapted at AIIMS. The teachers also carry out extensive research practices at the medical institution. In a year, more than 600 research papers get published by AIIMS faculty… Read more about AIIMS New Delhi Faculty


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AIIMS New Delhi Facilities


The academic facilities offered at AIIMS New Delhi are extensive. The library possesses a large collection of books, journals, bound volumes, thesis & dissertation, CDs, and DVDs. The digital library section is also extensive with e-books, e-journals, etc. Separate sections are allotted for all the study material. The reading room and library remain open 24*7 except on few holidays. There are various units set up at AIIMS to facilitate students’ practical and research skills. These include surgical skills training, an animal house, stem cell facilities, etc. Such units serve as unique facilities to stimulate students’ thought processes.


The accommodation facilities offered at AIIMS Delhi College can house about 2717 residents. 21 separate hostel units are presently situated within a 3km radius. Housing units are separate for men, women, UG, and PG students. The rooms are fully furnished with cots, tables, chairs, and wardrobes. Common rooms with a TV facility are offered to the students. Mess, cafeteria, and other snack and beverage bars meet all of the students’ dietary requirements. Gyms, swimming pools, and sports facilities are offered for recreational purposes. Essential services such as tailor, groceries, barbers, beauty parlors, banks, post offices are all located within the hostel vicinities… Read more about AIIMS New Delhi Facilities


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All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi is an institution that represents the medical community of India. The faculty members set a very high standard by delivering the best quality of medical education. All the facilities offered at the institute are extensive and unique from other Indian medical establishments.