NEET PG Cutoff Analysis of Past 2 Years

PG medical education has become both a norm and need of the hour. It not only helps students in their career growth and better remuneration but it also helps them gain recognition as the need for more specialized doctors to diagnose and treat various diseases is increasing rapidly. To pursue PG medical course in India, one has to secure a score that falls within the required NEET PG cutoff score for a college/course. NEET PG cutoff score is the minimum marks that a student has to secure to get PG medical admissions in medical colleges in India. While qualifying in the exam holds much importance in itself, having an idea of the minimum NEET PG cutoff score plays a vital role in analyzing one’s chances of getting a course/college of his/her choice.



If one compares NEET PG 2019 with NEET PG 2020; 89,549 students qualified among 1,60,888 students who appeared for NEET PG 2020 while 79,633 students could qualify among the 1,43,148 students who appeared for NEET PG 2019. With so many students appearing for NEET PG exam every year, half of these students manage to qualify in the exam. Mere qualification doesn’t guarantee PG medical admissions as there are only around 38,000 PG medical seats in medical colleges in India that is almost half of the number of students who qualify in the exam. Even with these many seats, one is forced to think that why the seats still remain vacant.

To fill up the vacant seats, the NEET PG cutoff scores are generally lowered so that these Non-clinical seats are filled up and those who could not qualify earlier can become eligible now to compete for the available seats. The competition goes higher every year with increasing number of PG medical aspirants.

The variation in NEET PG cutoff scores also depends on the fee structures of different medical colleges for different courses. Normally the fees are quite high for top clinical courses in Private and Deemed medical colleges in India which is not affordable for most of the meritorious students. Consequently, there is a variation in the cutoff score in Private, Deemed and Government medical colleges for the same. NEET PG cutoff scores vary not only for different specializations but also for different medical colleges in India.

With such high NEET PG cutoff scores and tough competition, a student has to score extraordinary marks to get PG Medical admissions for a Clinical course in a top medical college in India. Comparatively lower ranks for a top course can lead to an expenditure of fortune with the demand that these courses have.


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