NEET Twice a Year- Pros and cons

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With the approval of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, NEET is now being planned to be conducted twice a year. Speculations on the matter of conducting NEET UG exam more than once rose high with the resultants of Covid-19 pandemic last year. While lakhs of students are believed to be relieved, there are chances that the new decision might work otherwise for a few. The decision might have marked an end to a lot of worries but it has also raised a few questions. This article covers the pros and cons of conducting NEET twice a year.

There are always two sides to a story. What works for someone might not work for the other. Similarly, conducting NEET twice a year can work positively in a lot of aspects.

Students might get a fair chance for medical admission with the increase in the number of attempts. There will be less chance of dropping a year for students having another chance to improvise their score in the same year. The first chance can also work as a practice that may release pressure from students in the second attempt and with the better of two scores being taken into consideration, it only helps the students to perform better and improve. Click here to know more of these pros. 



With all these advantages, there are a few points that can turn out to be a disadvantage for a student. There might be a shift in focus if any of the NEET session falls around in the same time as boards whereas with two sessions of the exam, the academic session might get delayed till the end of the year. Students might take the first chance easy arising carelessness affecting their preparation for the exam while with more time and attempts, the cutoff bar can rise to an extent that it gets difficult to find admission into any of the top medical colleges in India.  To read more about the cons, Click here.

While the attempts for NEET have increased, one shouldn’t forget that the number of seats still remains the same. Therefore, these changes should be considered as an opportunity rather than excuse to perform better. To help you go smoothly through these tough times, Pentagon Education Services is here to keep you updated with NEET UG exams. Subscribe to our ‘News and Updates Page‘ to receive regular notification about the same. We are here to guide you through our expert counselling to get you through the admission process to a college of your choice.

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